Is this blog the biggest piece of shit on my shoe?

As part of my latest project at uni I have been asked to keep a blog, for reasons beyond my understanding (that is I don’t see how this is meant to further my conceptual practice).

Before anyone states the obvious, that me using a blog to complain about blogs is both ironic and hypocritical, I must explain that i do not use this out of personal choice but out of necessity for the completion of my course.

Personally I dislike blogging, its seems to be a great way to accumulate and exchange useless information that teaches you nothing of worth, don’t we already have enough social networking sites for this purpose? I understand why blogs were invented, but they must of considered the fact that many internet users do not have a valuable¬†contribution to make to the sharing of information. What people ate for dinner, or whatever sport event they played in at the weekend is not information that seems relevant to me, especially on a fine art course.

I’m know my fellow classmates are both intellectual and have a idea of the sort of useful and interesting information these blogs could inevitably accumulate over time, but I don’t have the patience to scroll through piles of text that holds no purpose or interest to me just to find, say, a small quote roughly relevant to my studies. I just don’t understand why we cant share our interests in the old tried and tested way, Speech. I personally find a lengthy conversation about a subject more informative and inspiring, blogging is such an impersonal way of expressing yourself.

Already my thoughts have been proven, when one of my classmates blog posts was commented on by one our tutors and he came all the way to the studio (up two stories, four flights of stairs!) to read it directly after visiting the tutor in their office? Why was it necessary to read the post online when they had the perfect opportunity to have a face to face exchange, to discuss the ideas directly?

I’m not one to judge something without giving it an equal chance to prove its worth, so I’m looking forward to seeing how this project may or may not aid my practice but as its stands I fail to see it’s advantage…


One response to “Is this blog the biggest piece of shit on my shoe?

  1. Yeah Ben maybe your right but then maybe not. Seems to me though like you’re just setting yourself up for a self fulfilling prophesy though. I’m not sure I could have a chat at 5:21 am on a Friday morning in Glasgow with you about this though. And if it weren’t for doughplanet blog then there would never have been any more than a passing nod in the office. You’re absolutely right about the 4 flights of steps point but then perhaps you should ask Mr Doughplanet why he didn’t simply ask what had been written. Could have saved himself the dissapointment.

    Shit on your shoe eh! well find the nearest patch of grass and get rid of it, at least that way it won’t impede the next time you traipse up 4 flights of stairs!


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