Honestly Channel 4 Is Truely Fucked Up!

Channel 4 have started a new educational series recently about the inner workings of some of the worlds largest animals. ‘Inside Natures Giants’ seems to be a bog-standard labotamy show, where the presenter, Mark Evans, talks you through the live disection of one large animal, describing what is being done and what purpose of the organ ect. is and any unique propperties they may have evolved considering the animals lifestyle.

But what sruck me the most about the show was the dual irony that seemed to posses so much of the editing and general visual language of the documentary, something I’m truely shocked the producers didn’t pick up. For example at the start of each episode we open with a shot of an animals corpse lain on the opperating table(s), the animal is covered by a white sheet, a respectful and senier gesture we often give to the dead and so steriotypical of modern T.V. language, though when thought about it is a strange anthramophic gesture to commit considering the inentions of the cast… to dismember and paraid the animals intestines for our viewing pleasure. Not only this, while the animal is covered and the show is introduced generaly by pressenter Evans, a projection of that animal living in the wild is cast upon the ironically covered corpse, almost mocking the dead beast going ‘look at what fun living is, this is what you’ll never do again.’

Maybe its just me but find this a rather large decoding to miss before the show is aired, or maybe I’m just looking far too into it? All i know is that Channel 4 appear to enjoy the mocking and parading of dead wild animals.


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