Alan Jaras: Light Photography

This collection of shots are by photographer Alan Jaras and are what he calls “Refractographs.” Made by passing light through textured glass and colour filters or fibers directly onto 35mm film (without lens, the glass becomes the lens), note that these shots have not been computer edited in any shape or form.

Each shot is linked to a wide range of theoretical and philosophical themes, Jaras using the raw medium of light and colour as pure signifiers undistorted by reconisable forms or obvious visual language.

Genetically Modified Light

‘Genetically Modified Light’ is an exploration of physics research into the possiblity of building with light. Huge amouts of money are being put into theoretical and practical research, delving into the unknow possiblities of a light based future. These multi-chormatic light beams hold a greater tensile strength, larger colour range, and are easily manipulated with hope that “the Intergalactic Construction Standards and Planning Committee will approve a small test city incorporating the new material to be built at the edge of a nearby galaxy and monitor the progress and testing programme. If all goes well it should not be too long before colourful “Light Cities” will be seen throughout the Universe.”

Tree Of Light

The ‘Tree Of Light’ represents thought, dreaming upon the greater questions in life. For so many philosophers, painters, and interlectuals over the generations the tree has always been a place of comtemplation, its tranquilety a magnet for those with a deep brooding question, its nature an athmosphere a greater understanding.


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