Kasey McMahon: Connected

This work is a comment on our dependency on communication technologies, how we use them to shape our presence and status within this techno-genration. We have become a population more e in community within the virtual world than within the physical, we are now less connected with our neighbours than we are associated with the sprawling information that is the ‘Net’. As Robert Pepperell describes it in ‘The Posthuman Condition’ our “virtual representations are combined with digital communications, we start to see ‘meetings’ of thousands of people who are physically remote, and the building up of on-line communities distributed across the world. It seems that in this electronic world one’s physical attributes will be less significant that one’s ‘virtual presence’ or ‘telepresence’. From all this derives the notion that we can increasingly socialise, work and communicate in a way that, strangely, diminishes human contact, while simultaneously extending it.”


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