Xue Jiye: Chinese Painter

Xue Jiye is a contempory painter from China who was been exhibiting for ten years. Most of Jiyes work is based on the human condition using the body as a way to probe this subject, theconstant use of the  image of the nude representing vunrability, humanity, and return to basic human characteristicts.

This work is a vision of freedom, the escae from the predetermined judements by the removal of the physical self. By releasing himself of his skin the character gains the possibility of a new presence, a new aura free from any prior attributes and aflictions, a fresh canvas on which to paint a new liberty.

Fot this series Jiye experimented with sculpture, taking inspiration from Greek classical sculpture while still keeping an essence his own of style. This work depicts humanities weakness, the fragile structure of our form, though carved from stone we are still vunrable to the destructive qualities of our own nature.


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