Chaos In Notion

How could one create their own living moment? A cell in the transience of reality, responding to disordered stimuli, merging and transforming to fashion an ordered form: the cell adapting to the conscious experience of itself.

A show of my work happening on the 12th August, at Gray’s School Of Art, with all invited.

The first work is an audio performance based on the notions of order and disorder, their binary, yet synchronous, opposition in relation to the subjectivity of consciousness. Using the feedback produced by guitar amplifiers and microphones I want to create a piece in which chaos and order are indistinguishable and flux between the elements of each other in a sythony of the audible senses
Inspired by complexity theory and collective-consciousness psychology the work intends to allow the audience and participants to experience a form of order which is souly subjective to the moment, their personal perceptions colliding with that of the collective, these notions projecting onto the noise, patterns and sequences emerging from the chaotic sound.

The second work is again based on the notions of order an disorder, and how they realte to our perception of forms and non-forms (distortions of reconisable shapes ect). This video based sculpure is an abstract inspection of the human form, the base of our understanding of order, and how its dimentions can be contorted into unreconiseable and arbitrary formations.
The work intends to question our notions of order against the disordered fashion of consciousness, how perceptions of reality, time, and even truth are rarely objective. Motivated by the works of Robert Anton Wilson and he Dune novels written by Frank Herbert, the piece is meant as infution of esoteric approaches and visionary possiblities within human consciousness.