Bernhard Gal

Bernhard Gal is an Austrian artist/composer who has tested on the relationship between sound and space in many of his works. Exhibiting since 1998, Gal’s portfolio consists of a range of musical compositions for instruments, soundscapes, sound and light installations, performance, and inter-media art as well as electro-acoustic compositions.  For the series of works Defragmentation’s, 2000, Gal collaborates with Japanese architect/artist Yumi Kori to create light and sound installations that explore the properties and possibilities of spaces both within and out with the traditional gallery format. Together they achieve stunning articulation of ideas using coloured light and sound textures to distort the audiences’ experience of the spaces they inhabit, and aim for “a more holistic perception of the space,” one that is not based on a predetermined conception on the characteristics of that location.


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