Christian Marclay


Marclay is probably acknowledged as the most famous artist/composer to use turntables and records as a focal point in his work. Both visually and musically. Since the 1980’s Marklay has pushed the boundaries of what can be listened to and perceived as music, or at least can be listened to and enjoyed. He approaches both the turntable and the vinyl as objects of creation, not just reproduction, molding them into fantastical articles of function.

Guitar Drag

Marclay is not only known for his inspiring work with turntables. He has worked with a range of musical and visual devices like the above Guitar Drag. Marclay has always had a ‘punk’ attitude to sound creation attributed to his practice that this work captures. In this video he ties an electric guitar to the back of his pick-up and hauls the instrument on a trail of destruction and creation. The destruction of the guitar a homage to the rock legends, The Who, Nirvana, Hendrix. The creation of a new challenging sound emerging from the slow fracturing of the guitar.

Video has also been a equally major attribute of Marclays work. In his piece Video Quartet Marclay astonishingly manages to to combine the musical elements from a selection of video recordings of live music. Played on a projection divided into four screens, he manages to to mix the music, in much the same way as DJ’s do today, over the screens. The affect is a magical display of Marclays innovative talent, the work like experiencing four concerts at once, perfectly timed, perfectly harmonious.