Stephen Cornford

Cornford is an English artist/composer/musician.  Cornford’s work explores platforms such as sculpture, instillation, composure, performance, and ‘the extended technique of free improvisation’ all of which he dedicates to the examination of our relationship to space. Cornford uses his intricate homemade mechanisms, which are often adaptations of recognisable instruments like guitars, drums, and turntables, to have an acoustic relationship with both the space they inhabit and the spectators experiencing them.

Air Guitar

“My installations employ space as a physical and acoustic substance in order to provoke the audience into a durational and subjective encounter with the work. My performances employ unpredictable processes and systems to ensure that my position in relation to the sounds is primarily as a listener.” – Stephen Cornford

One example of Cornford’s work and general visual style is Air Guitar.  Made from a revolving electric guitar and amplifier the work combines a unique physical presence as well as creating a ‘droning Aeolian loop.’ The works sound comes from the motion of the guitar and amplifier, which have both been attached to a slowly spinning wheelchair motor, the movement created reminiscent of some great machine as its cogs turn giving life to that machine. Because of the movement the droning sound produced by the guitar is subject to the Doppler effect, Cornford employing scientific knowledge to accomplish a constant variation in the ambient sounds, his Leslie speaker supplementing the works incredible character.